Hexagon International Group

Hexagon International Group was established to offer a range of services to aid those with high aspirations in realizing their academic objectives and career aspirations in developed nations including North America, Australia, and Europe.

In Depth Consultation

We are here to help you choose your next educational destination, the program that best meets your interests, and the visa application procedure. During an in-depth session, we will evaluate your case to determine the best program options for your studies. Furthermore, our career development experts are here to help you prepare for your next career path, probable promotion, or even the successful launch of your first career, which you have always desired.

Educational Package

We collaborate with the most distinguished academic institutions to provide the most practical programs that serve a bright and fulfilling career path and future. We are here to assist you in selecting the finest solutions depending on your abilities, skills, passion, and practicability.

Visa Package

Our professional consolers will assist you with visa interviews, document preparation, and mock interviews for immigrant or nonimmigrant visa applications. We also provide immigration visas for individuals with exceptional qualities, such as doctors, researchers, engineers, and technical experts

Career Development

Create, modify, and take control of your professional trajectory. Do it on your terms, whether you’re switching jobs or starting a business. With the help of an experienced career Coach, you can navigate job transitions, earn promotions, and plan your long-term career. Develop the leadership abilities and executive presence required for career advancement.

Post Arrival Package

We will assist you in settling in North America as soon as possible. It will be a huge source of frustration to settle down with the major activities that you need to complete after a lengthy travel and arriving at your destination. Airport pickup, reasonable accommodation, financial matters and advice, obtaining full coverage health insurance, obtaining a Driving License or ID, and performing some basic grocery shopping. Our team members will arrange everything for you. Additionally, we will discuss how to quickly adapt to a completely new environment using our personal experiences.